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Capturing the Supermoon in Myrtle Beach, SC

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For weeks all anybody said to me was, “Are you shooting the Supermoon?” I almost wanted to create one of those coded text messages on my iPhone so all I had to do was type was a few characters and this lengthy responses would show up, “Yes, I’m shooting the Supermoon if the weather will [...]

How to Shoot Stars and Star Trails Under Heavy Light Pollution

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Shooting photos of stars and star trails can result in beautiful, breath-taking moments. But finding the right place to shoot those photos can be extremely difficult in areas of bright lights from cities, towns, and residential neighborhoods. However, it is not impossible. In this tutorial, I give you a few tools to choose a good [...]

How to Capture a Stunning Sunset

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Sunsets are always a fan favorite for any type of photography. Landscapes, portraits, weddings, events, every type of photography you can imagine looks great during a sunset. But when is the best time to capture that stunning sunset? What equipment do you need? And, finally, would you be surprised to learn the best time to [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: The Preview Window

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One tool I enjoy the most with Photo Mechanic, and that I use just as often as the IPTC Stationary Pad, is the Preview Window. This window allows me to quickly view the selected photo fullscreen on my computer at the actual pixel size, which is crucial for determining if a photo is in focus [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: Streamlining Workflow With Code Replacement

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Code Replacement is one of those incredibly powerful bits of Photo Mechanic that no one ever talks about and few seem to even know about. If you are in a situation where you will use the group of names repeatedly over a course of time, you can use Code Replacement to cut down on your [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: How to Use the Keywords Panel

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One of the most powerful tools in Photo Mechanic’s arsenal is the Keyword Panel. I rank this among the top of their tools for one simple reason: you can access the Panel at any time, add any number of keywords to any number of photos, all without overwriting the original IPTC information.

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: Using the Powerful Spotlight Search Function

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Unfortunately, the following tutorial will apply to Mac’s only. Photo Mechanic has a powerful search feature that works with Mac’s Spotlight Search. This search allows you to browse through any EXIF and IPTC data fields within the photos for certain, any, or all words you enter. For those still stuck with the PC (I’m a [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: Using Variables

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One of the most powerful features of Photo Mechanic, and yet one of the most commonly hidden, is the extensive list of variables. These variables cover everything from EXIF and IPTC data to time and GPS information. You can use these variables almost anywhere within Photo Mechanic to make the program run more easily and [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: The Contact Sheet

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The heart of Photo Mechanic is the Contact Sheet. In the days of film photography, which have not completely disappeared yet, photographers would print contact sheets to review images. Photo Mechanic simply adapts this trend to the digital world with their layout of photo thumbnails. The Contact Sheet is where all the work starts in [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: How to Enter a Wealth of Information Using the IPTC Stationery Pad

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IPTC information is absolutely critical for professional photographers keeping up with their large database of photography but just as important for the mom-with-a-camera who wants to shoot David’s Little League Baseball every year. Whatever your photography needs, IPTC information allows the photographer to enter information such as captions, keywords, copyright status, and contact information for [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: 5 Easy Steps to GPS Tagging Your Photos

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Although I support myself through sports and portrait photography, I also love shooting nature, landscapes, and unique places. Flickr allows you to upload photos with GPS-tagging to create a map of your photography. This is handy when you want people to be able to locate the objects you have photographed or as a means of [...]

Photo Mechanic Tutorial: Copying Photos Quickly and Efficiently

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The first rule of photography: never work on the original photos. You always work on copies. Photo Mechanic has a very simple yet powerful Copy Options tool that allows you to quickly and easily copy a single photo or groups of photos to different folders. I will admit for a good while I stopped using [...]