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As a travel photographer, I shoot many aspects of photography: people, landscapes, urban environments, entertainment, food, wildlife, and lodging. I shoot interior photos as well as outdoor photography. I always strive to use natural lighting. I shoot wide photos that encompass the entire setting or use my macro lens to shoot the finer details. But out of all this, I always start with outdoor photography first. Here are some photos I shot at Falls Park in downtown Greenville, South Carolina a couple of weeks ago.

I enjoy getting outside. It’s my favorite thing to do. When I’m not neck deep in post-processing thousands of photos from my frequent road trips or magazine assignments, you can probably find me on the beach with a book or in a park hiking trails. So when I visit a location I start with the outdoor settings first.

I follow the same principle when shooting a location: start wide to capture the entire setting, then move in closer and closer until I capture the finer details. You don’t get much wider than landscape photography unless you are flying in a plane overhead (something which I have not attempted yet but am eager to try). When I researched Greenville, South Carolina landscapes, Falls Park on the Reedy River was the most common set of photos I found. So this is where I started.

The photo above was the first I shot inside the park. The park itself was just as I had seen in other photos, but I was surprised at the number of visitors. Sure, it was a pleasant, sunny day with partly cloudy skies, but after all this park is smack in the middle of a bustling downtown metropolitan area. Parking was difficult to come by as I had to utilize parking on a street nearly four blocks away just to get here, so i wasn’t expecting too many people in the park. Instead, I found well over a hundred people walking, jogging, walking their dogs or children, playing catch, enjoying the sound of the crashing waterfall, and even people in business attire enjoying a coffee break or late lunch break. It was amazing, but also gave me many opportunities to really capture the park.

I was fortunate enough to visit this park during a time when spring flowers were in full bloom. Unfortunately, I had already taken too much time driving here this day and still had a six hour drive after leaving this park to get home. I didn’t have to look far to capture a photo with people in it, like the photo above. When I first started shooting landscape photography I would wait and wait for an hour if I needed until I could shoot a photo with no people in it. Little did I know that was actually detracting from the value and appeal of the photos; it made the landscapes look barren, empty, and deserted. I quickly realized I needed to add that human element if I wanted to tell a story with my photos.

You can’t tell a story of a location without visiting the biggest attraction: the Liberty Bridge. This bridge is a bit of an engineering marvel as it is a cantilevered, suspended bridge shaped like an arch. It was so many different curves and angles and looks more like it would topple over. But the view from the top of the bridge was breathtaking.

Falls Park is built around a massive waterfall on the Reedy River that runs right through the middle of downtown Greenville. The roaring of the crashing water could be heard through most of the park and a light mist would coat your skin if you stood close to the base. I’m not entirely sure people should have been doing this, for both legal and safety reasons, but kids were climbing all over the rocks on the waterfall the day I visited the park. Aside from that, I saw at least five different couples using the waterfall as a backdrop for the “Him & Her” pose photo. I’m sure lots of people shoot portraits here throughout the year.

If you would like to view more of my photos from Greenville, South Carolina, be sure to visit my gallery at http://jasonbarnette.photoshelter.com/gallery/Greenville/G0000pgRWWmhTZR8/C0000rlAXEesCLQI

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